Kansas City Current set opening day roster ahead of historic 2024 season Kansas City Current

Kansas City Current set opening day roster ahead of historic 2024 season

The Kansas City Current have set the club’s roster for the opening of the historic 2024 season. The Current will open the campaign with 24 active players, including nine players who are new to Kansas City in 2024.  

As Kansas City opens the world’s first stadium purpose-built for professional women’s sports, the club will do so with four players who were originally allocated to the club in 2021 (Elizabeth Ball, Lo’eau LaBonta, Desiree Scott, Mallory Weber) and three more who joined the team later in that inaugural year (Hailie Mace, AD Franch, Kristen Hamilton).  

Four players will mark their first professional seasons this year, including offseason signings Claire Hutton, Alex Pfeiffer and 2024 NWSL Draft selections Ellie Wheeler and Hope Hisey. Four more players (Regan Steigleder, Temwa Chawinga, Bia Zaneratto, Sophie Braun) will make their NWSL debuts. Rounding out the new faces for Current fans are two players with extensive NWSL experience who have made the move to Kansas City, Nichelle Prince and Bayley Feist.  

Desiree Scott, Hanna Glas and Mallory Weber, who finished last season on the Season Ending Injury (SEI) list, will maintain that status to begin the 2024 season and do not count towards the maximum roster limit. Vanessa DiBernardo, also remains on the SEI list from her injury in 2023, however the club expects her to be cleared and ready to play shortly.  

The full roster is below: 

2024 Kansas City Current Roster (numerical)

# Name  Pos  Ht  DOB Hometown  College/School
 2  Steigleder, Regan  DEF  5' 7"  9/3/98  Iowa City, IA  Northwestern University 
 3  Glas, Hanna (SEI)  DEF  5’8”  4/16/93  Sundsvall, Sweden   
 4  Mace, Hailie  DEF  5' 7" 3/24/97  Ventura, CA  UCLA 
 5  Wheeler, Ellie  DEF  5' 7" 12/14/01  Fairfax, VA  Penn State University 
 6  Chawinga, Temwa (INT)  FWD  5’8” 9/20/98  Northern Region, Malawi   
 7  Ball, Elizabeth  DEF  5’6”  10/20/95  Richmond, VA  Penn State University 
 8  Prince, Nichelle  FWD  5' 4"  2/19/95  Ontario, Canada  Ohio State University 
 9  Zaneratto, Bia (INT)  FWD  5' 9"  12/17/93  Sau Paulo, Brazil   
 10  LaBonta, Lo'eau  MF  5’1”  3/18/93  Rancho Cucamonga, CA  Stanford University 
 11  Scott, Desiree (SEI)  MF  5’2”  7/31/87  Winnipeg, Canada  University of Manitoba 
 12 Ballisager Pedersen, Stine (INT)  DEF  5' 7"  1/3/94  Vellev, Denmark   
 13  Braun, Sophie  MF  5' 7"  1/7/00  Beaverton, OR  Gonzaga 
 14  Hutton, Claire  MF  5' 6"  1/11/06  Bethlehem, NY   
 16  Dibernardo, Vanessa (SEI)  MF 5’4”  5/15/92  Naperville, IL  University of Illinois 
 17  Cooper, Michelle  FWD  5’3”  12/4/02  Clarkstown, MI  Duke University 
 18  Rodriguez, Izzy  DEF  5’5”  4/13/99  Canton, MI  Ohio State University 
 20  Weber, Mallory (SEI)  DEF  5’6”  4/4/94  Nova, MI  Penn State University 
 21 Franch, AD  GK  5’9”  11/12/90  Salina, KS  Oklahoma State University 
 22 Feist, Bayley  MF 5' 6"  3/14/97  Cincinnati, OH  Wake Forest 
 24  Robinson, Gabrielle  DEF  5’8”  6/18/01  Springfield, VA  West Virginia University 
 25  Hamilton, Kristen  FWD  5’4”  4/17/92  Littleton, CO  University of Denver 
 29  Silkowitz, Jordan  GK  6’0”  3/27/00  Fairfax, VA  Iowa State University 
 30  Hisey, Hope  GK  5'9"  6/26/01  Tucson, AZ  Arizona 
 47  Pfeiffer, Alex (U18)  FWD  5' 5"  11/26/07  St. Louis, MO   
 77  Spaanstra, Alexa  FWD  5' 5"  2/1/00  Brighton, MI  University of Virginia 
 78  Lauren (INT)  DEF  5' 10"  9/13/02  Sau Paulo, Brazil   
 94  Lavogez, Claire (INT)  MF  5’8”  6/18/94  Calais, France   
 99 Debinha  MF  5’2”  10/20/91  Brasôpolis, Brazil   




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