2023 Season ticket member

I’m interested in becoming a KC Current Season Ticket Member. Who do I call with questions?

Give us a call at 913-374-0233 or fill out this form to get in touch with a member of the ticketing team.

When can I purchase my season tickets for the 2023 season?

Tickets for the 2023 KC Current Season are on sale now. Give us a call at 913-374-0233 or fill out this form to get started!

What are the top membership benefits for 2023?  

  1. By purchasing your membership for 2023, you will secure top priority in selecting seats for the new KC Current Stadium at Berkley Riverfront Park
  2. Exclusive Membership Scarf
  3. Exclusive Year-Round Member Opportunities & Access

Securing my place in line for season tickets at the new stadium is most important for me.  What should I do?

The best way to secure seats for the 2024 Inaugural Season at the new KC Current Stadium at Berkley Riverfront Park is to purchase your 2023 season ticket membership now. This will ensure that you maintain your seniority with the Club and also maintain your Tier 1 priority to select seats in the new stadium, which will begin later this year.  

What are the new stadium seat selection priority tiers?

  • Tier 1 - 2023 KC Current Season Ticket Members at Children’s Mercy Park

  • Tier 2 - New Stadium Depositors

  • Tier 3 - General Public (Subject to availability) 

Will you be offering a payment plan this season?

Yes, we will offer a few different payment options to provide fans with flexibility.  Fans can pay in full or select an interest free 3-part payment option.  Fans opting into the 3-part payment plan will be billed in three equal installments - one-third at time of confirmation, one-third on or before January 15th, 2023, one-third on or before March 15th, 2023.

If I choose a payment plan, can I prepay it off whenever I choose, or am I stuck in a set schedule of payments?

Yes,  you can prepay your seats at any time through your SeatGeek account manager or by calling our team directly.  

Is priority for the new KC Current Stadium determined solely by price, account longevity, or a combination of both?

The new stadium seat selection process is still being finalized but we are considering a number of factors including both seniority and your 2023 seat location.  It’s important that you purchase your 2023 KC Current membership at Children’s Mercy Park to ensure that you’ll receive Tier 1 priority for seat selection once the process begins later this year.  We will share more details regarding the exact order and seat selection process in the coming months with our members.

If I purchase my season tickets for 2023, do I still need to place a deposit for the new stadium?

No, your 2023 season ticket membership will serve as your priority deposit for new stadium seat selection.  Beginning later this year, our 2023 season ticket members will receive more information on the new stadium seat selection process and the priority order.  Our members will receive Tier 1 priority and select seats ahead of all new stadium depositors. 

Does my season ticket membership include playoff tickets?

No. Playoff tickets are an add-on to all KC Current Season Ticket Memberships. Pricing and availability will be communicated to our members once the team qualifies for the playoffs and its determined we’ll host a home playoff match.  

I purchased season tickets for 2023. When do I get to select my seat for the new stadium?

Great! In late 2022, the seat selection process for the new KC Current Stadium will begin for 2023 Season Ticket Members.  The club will keep all 2023 Season Ticket Members updated on the seat selection process as timing details are finalized.

How do you switch your SeatGeek account email?

Please contact your account manager directly or email us at tickets@kansascitycurrent.com and a member of our team will help you make the change to your account.