Accessible Parking

KC Current and CPKC Stadium’s commitment to an accessible and inclusive matchday experience extends beyond the stadium gates. For fans with accessibility needs or assistance, KC Current and CPKC Stadium have developed three options:

  • Accessible On-Site Parking
  • Accessible Off-Site Parking & Shuttles
  • Accessible Drop-Off and Pick-Up

On-Site Parking in designated ADA parking spaces is available for fans with a parking pass and a registered, state-issued disability license plate or placard or disabled veterans license plate. Please contact our tickets mainline at 913-374-0233 to purchase your parking pass.

Fans with an ADA Parking Pass must have a registered ADA license plate or present their placard to park in the designated ADA parking spaces.


KC Current is offering a complimentary, dedicated service to transport those with accessibility needs from two designated shuttle locations.

Shuttle buses and on-demand, accessible shuttle vans will be available for fans with ADA and limited mobility needs.

  • 2nd and Grand
    • Shuttles will pick-up and drop-off on the southwest side of the intersection at 2nd and Grand.
  • 7th and Main 
    • Shuttles will pick-up and drop-off on the north side of 7th, between Main and Baltimore.

For Accessible Off-Site Parking, KC Current recommends fans to park nearest 7th and Main.


For fans with accessible needs getting dropped off or picked up at CPKC Stadium, please follow the Rideshare drop-off and pick-up routes. Guest Services golf carts are available to transport fans with mobility needs upon arrival at the Drop-Off & Pick-Up location. Based on volume, wait times may vary.

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