Adopt Debinha Nutmeg, and Kizer Goal, our Mascots of the Match! Kansas City Current

Adopt Debinha Nutmeg, and Kizer Goal, our Mascots of the Match!

This season, KC Current is teaming up with local animal shelters in support of pet adoptions. For the second year, the club presents the Mascot of the Match campaign, spotlighting local animals ready for adoption.

Our Mascots of the Match for KC Current vs. The Chicago Red Stars on Saturday, July 29 are Debinha Nutmeg and Kizer Goal from the FMA Animal Hospital! Named after KC Current players and their signature moves.

Adopt Debinha Nutmeg

Adopt Kizer Goal

Are you ready to welcome a bundle of joy and love into your life? Look no further than the captivating furball miss Debinha Nutmeg! The most adorable and affectionate chocolate lab mix waiting to become a part of your family! With her warm, chocolatey coat and endearing eyes, it's hard not to fall head over paws for her the moment you meet her.

This delightful puppy comes with everything you could ask for in a new family member. Thanks to Debinha Nutmeg’s foster family, she is up to date on all her vaccinations, soon to be spayed and is microchipped, so she will never lose her way from your loving home. Whether it is playing fetch in the park, taking leisurely walks or cuddling up on the couch for some quality bonding time, Debinha Nutmeg is always up for it! But her strongest trait that sets her apart from others is her loving nature. With a heart as big as Kansas City itself, she will shower you with affection, tail wags and puppy kisses whenever you are around. Her playful spirit and joyful manner will brighten even the gloomiest of days.

A loyal friend in the making, she is incredibly receptive to training and will gladly learn all the tricks and manners you want to teach her. Her intelligence and willingness to please makes her an ideal companion in any household. So, if you are ready to make your life infinitely better, open your heart, and consider making Debinha Nutmeg a part of your fur-ever home.

Are you ready for a charming little firecracker to light up your life? Meet Kizer Goal, an adorable chocolate lab mix puppy with a heart full of love and a bubbly spirit! This little bundle of joy is eagerly waiting to bring her outgoing personality and love for snuggles into your home.

Kizer Goal is quite the gem with both her looks and her personality. She has eyes that will melt your heart. With the spirit of a true adventurer, she loves to chase her toys, explore new places and play fetch in the yard, bringing excitement wherever she goes. This pup also has a soft side too. When she is not out exploring the world with you, she will be happy to nestle in your lap, showering you with love and kisses.

Responsible and ready to take on the world, Kizer Goal is up to date on all her vaccinations and is soon to be spayed thanks to her foster family. And with her microchip, you can have peace of mind knowing she will always find her way back to you no matter what adventures she embarks on. If you are looking and ready for a four-legged best friend who will bring the perfect blend of sweetness, excitement and love into your life, Kizer Goal is the one for you. Make Kizer Goal a part of your loving family today and watch your heart melt as she scores the winning goal in your life!

Debinha Nutmeg, and Kizer Goal are available for adoption through the FMA Animal Hospital, a full service, state of the art animal hospital located in Westwood and serving the surrounding Kansas City area.



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